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FBT Forms

Benefit Type Declaration Form When to Submit
Mobile/internet dongle provided by UTS Recurring Residual Fringe Benefit Declaration Annually on 31st of March each year until the benefit is returned back to UTS
Expense paid on your behalf or reimbursed to you by UTS ( eg for tution fees, insurance, personal phone bills etc)

No Private Use Declaration 

Expense Payment Fringe Benefit

Recurring Expense Payment Fringe Benefit Declaration

For each expense when 100% of the expense is for business use

For each expense when portion of the expense is personal

For recurring expenses (eg. monthly phone bills). To be submitted annually by the 31st of March each year until the benefit stops.


Car - under salary sacrifice scheme

Km Declaration Form

Days Unavailable For Private Use

Annually on 31st March each year and again on the day when the car is returned back to UTS

When the car is garaged at UTS premises and the keys are handed to your supervisor with instructions that the car will not be used by any other employee or associate.

Meal Entertainment Meal Entertainment Form For each meal entertainment event where there are staff and clients.
Gifts to Staff Gifts Declaration Form Each time you provide a gift to staff that is greater than $300(GST inc) in value.

GST Forms



When to Submit

Statement by supplier Statement by Supplier Supplier to provide this form when they have not quoted their ABN on their invoice to UTS.
Short Course Short Course Tool To establish the GST status of the short course.

Employee Vs Contractor

UTS Contractor Management Tool Contractor Vs Employee To establish the relationship between the service provider and UTS for tax purposes.